Welcome to our Website!

The Martin County Horse Council (MCHC) was established in 2013. We are one of more than 60 local councils that exist across the nation and the second in the state of Florida, formed for the benefit of horses, owners and riders. Our goal is to have our website serve as a valuable resource to the equine community.


To promote, unify and advance the equestrian interests in Martin County by:

  • Creating unique equestrian events and education opportunities
  • Representing the interests of MCHC memberships at local, county and state government meetings
  • Creating promotional opportunities for equestrian business in Martin County


To be an advocate for the horse industry in Martin County and Florida legislative matters.  To be part of a network of horse related organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals of both professional and recreational horse owners.  Hold meetings that include speakers of interest and that relate, or may affect the local equine industry.  MCHC provides a conduit for information on equine related topics in Martin County via website, social media and otherwise.  To be an organization that strives to promote the Martin County horse industry, assimilate information about and promote all aspects of the equine industry doing business here with the public, local government and other organizations.

Florida Statue 316.0825

Vehicle approaching an animal.—Every person operating a motor vehicle shall use reasonable care when approaching or passing a person who is riding or leading an animal upon a roadway or the shoulder thereof, and shall not intentionally startle or injure such an animal. A violation of this section is a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation as provided in Chapter 318.